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... You might also want to check out my blog:… and store I've set up a new shop in:

I'm slowly getting set up there so there might not be a whole lot of content right away, but please do check back every so often, there will be more coming soon!
I just realised I'm really wordy when I'm typing up descriptions for my deviations. lol I just ramble on and on... I'm sure no one ever makes it to the bottom. Somehow I always feel like I left something out.

So I'm playing with Blogger, trying to figure out how I want to set the dern thing up and I just realised I'm really showing my age 'cause this new-fangled CSS stuff has me confused. And it's embarassing. o.o They didn't have all this stuff the last time I did any web authoring. >_> I want to spiff the thing up a little - making the graphics aren't the problem, it's the template that has my eyes crossing.

If anyone can point me to good tutorial on making / working with Blogger templates or has any tips, please let me know!
Trying to decide what to submit as my next resource... seem to be coming up a little short on ideas.

I don't have a good enough digital camera (yet) to contribute any stock, but I'm pretty good at making scrapbooking-related things, patterns, stuff like that.

Anyone have any ideas or requests? Just drop me a note!